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Pertouli ski center is a new operated ski center in Pertouli Trikala. Its doors opened in 1985 and frοm this date Pertouli ski center is one of the best winter destinations in Greece. All Greeks, and especially Athens' citizens, visit often Pertouli Ski Resort because it is only 3 houres close to Athens Town and only 45 minutes from Trikala City. It is one of the most accessible ski centers in Greece and there are many facilities helping the roads be opened all the time.

The ski center is situated between Elati and Pertouli villages.

The slopes of Pertouli Ski Center are suitable for experienced and inexperienced skiers. It has two chalets, one at the base and one at the top of the two lifts at Ski Resort.

Pertouli serves thousands of winter visitors, and it is a suitable place for any ski activity.

Being close to the city of Trikala and next to the famous villages Elati, Pertouli Ski Center combines the prestige of a modern ski resort and the entertainment in the region with its many attractions.
Arriving at Elati and Pertouli villages, the visitor understands that he is in a winter destination in Greece as the voices of visitors who enjoy either the snow or the activities are obvious throughout the whole region.

The motor bikes that the visitors can explore the paths through the wild nature, the horse riding that is available as an interesting activity and the smell of the local recipies in the traditional restaurants and taverns in the villages of Pertouli, Elati  and Neraidochori leave indelible memories and will encourage any tourist to come again and again in this wonderful winter destination.

The following information will help everyone, especially those who will deal strongly with winter activities:

1. Mountain Kerketio or Koziakas as you have already heard is located close to Pertouli at an altitude of 1170 meters and up to 1370 meters. The circuit strength reaches 4740 meters and has no markings.

2. There is a children's slope with a length of 350 meters with differential height of 50 meters.

3. There is a downhill slope for beginners with length 100 meters and a differential height of 10 meters.

4. There are two slopes for advanced skiers which is in a total distance of 350 meters with differential height of 200 meters.

. The number of lifts is in the total number of five so far and are consist by air racing, air transportation with seats, two lifts and a children’s lift.

6. The operational hours of the ski resort is from 10:00 up to 16.00
including weekends and holidays.

7. In Pertouli ski centre are operating ski schools, ski rental stores and shop for your winter activities.

8. Available Mountain retreat - house or guesthouse (it can host specific number of people) at an altitude of 1760 meters.

9. More information you can get on the phone 0030 24340 91385.

Hotels in Pertouli and rooms in Pertouli are plenty for your accommodation in Pertouli ski center and Elati village also. In this Pertouli Guide you can find information about hotels, traditional houses, Pertouli rooms, Pertouli hotels, Pertouli chalet, Pertouli restaurants, Pertouli traditional tevern and also there are many Pertouli activities available for the ski funs and winter destinations funs. Visit Pertouli and have a nice stay in Pertouli.


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Guest Comments
Χιονοδρομικό Κέντρο Περτουλίου:
19-01-2012 14:27:17

Περάσαμε φίνα στις διακοπές μας και τώρα μας κέρδισε η περιοχή και το χιονοδρομικό κέντρο. Υπήρχε φυσικά...
Περτούλι τα Χριστούγεννα:
21-12-2011 21:51:28

Στο Περτούλι ξενοδοχεία και ξενώνες έχουν ειδικές τιμές καλές για την εποχή αυτή της κρίσης. Κλείσαμε σε...
Emerson - Nansy:
14-12-2010 10:04:08

Hello from Athens, we are from Sweden and book via phone in Dristela Resort and Spa 4 star hotel in Neraidochori nearby Pertouli ski center. It seems to be one wonderful accommodation in Pertouli and...
Χρυσα Α.:
18-11-2010 13:55:33

Πέρασα τέλεια στην περιοχή. Το κλίμα μου έκανε πολύ καλό, με το που ανέβηκα, μου εξαφανίστηκε ο πονοκέφαλος...
Κώστας - Καίτη:
31-08-2010 16:12:45

Υπέροχο το Περτούλι, πολύ δροσιά και οξυγόνο που μας λείπει από την Αθήνα. Περάσαμε υπέροχα, δραστηριότητες...
18-02-2010 16:07:46

Irtha kai ego sto Pertouli kai peras iperoxa. Gia osous den exoun episkefthei to meros tous to synisto. O xenonas Pyrras poli zestos kai to prosopiko poli kalo kai exipiretiko. Mono ski prepei na...
12-02-2010 15:47:09

Περτούλι και πάλι Περτούλι, ένα μαγευτικό μέρος με πολλές επιλογές, καλούς ξενώνες, ξενοδοχεία και πολύ...
10-02-2010 17:52:36

Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω όλο το Προσωπικό στο ξενοδοχείο Μαγκιώση που ήταν άψογο. Θα μας μείνει αλησμόνητη η...

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